Lesa Terry and the Women's Jazz Orchestra (2010)
Role: Editor • Directed by Leena Pendharkar
From director's website: "Lesa Terry and the Women's Jazz Orchestra is a documentary short that peeks into the rare convergence of Western classical music and jazz. Lesa Terry, a prolific composer and musician, offers a unique interpretation of symphonic and sacred vocal music, drawing on African and Western classical traditions. 
Assembling an all-women’s jazz orchestra in the tradition of the 1940’s International Sweethearts of Rhythm, they add a unique palette of instrumentation to create their sound. With Nedra Wheeler on bass, Maria Martinez on drums, Lori Andrews on jazz harp, and a big-band section, their music provides a rhythmic foundation with improvisational expression.
Best Short, First Place, CinemaJAZZ, Kansas City Filmmakers' Jubilee."

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