The Invisible Man: CIA Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling (2015)
Role: Editor • Directed by Judith Ehrlich
On May 11, 2015 former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling was sentenced to 42 months in prison for leaking classified information to New York Times reporter James Risen about a failed U.S. effort to undermine Iran’s nuclear program. Risen later exposed how the risky operation could have actually aided the Iranian nuclear program. 
In January, Sterling was convicted on nine felony counts, including espionage. He becomes the latest government employee jailed by the Obama administration for leaking information. Sterling filed a racial discrimination suit against the CIA before 9/11 and has been targeted by the agency since that time.

Since he was indicted four years ago, Jeffrey Sterling’s voice had never been heard by the public. Judith Ehrlich interviewed Jeffrey and Holly Sterling in their home near Ferguson, Missouri. This exclusive report was produced in collaboration with Norman Solomon of the Institute for Public Accuracy, and

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