Death is Different  (PBS Expose 2007)
Role: Editor • Directed by Oriana Zill de Granados
The Supreme Court has ruled that even convicted murderers have a right to a vigorous defense when a jury is deciding whether or not to execute them. In an extraordinary four-year investigation, McClatchy Supreme Court beat-reporter Stephen Henderson finds that defense lawyers in four states are failing that test; as a result their clients - even those who have suffered lifetimes of abuse and/or have IQs suggesting mental retardation - are heading to death row. 
Henderson takes EXPOSÉ inside the world of death penalty defense armed only with a reporter's notebook and the pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution he carries everywhere he goes. Henderson doesn't only expose defense efforts gone wrong. He also introduces EXPOSÉ to a group of public defenders who go the extra mile, with striking results.
Lethal Injection Table

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